Persis Parshall Vehar, Composer

“Vehar’s music has honesty, clarity and compositional skill” (Peter G. Davis, New York Times).  “:Her work is easily accessible to even conservative-minded listeners….very lovely music…. Some beautiful probing lines…..strikingly heartwarming effect radiating optimism.”(Herman Trotter Buffalo News.) "Persis Parshall Vehar's Sound-Piece...more jazzy and pointillistic...Both serious and tongue-in-cheek, it integrates a wide and divergent array of melodic material into a cogently worked out essay.  Vehar, an accomplished (by the evidence offered here) soloist, accompanist, and chamber player, has composed over 200 works.  I'd like to hear more from her." 
(William Zagorski, Fanfare)

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